We are contacting individuals across Wales to ask that you support this campaign by sharing these resources with people across your local communities and organisations.

Monday 4 September 2017 is the start of Organ Donation Week. We are contacting you to ask that you support the Welsh Government’s organ donation campaign by using the resources below to help people make the time to register and share their organ donation decision with loved ones.

Please use these resources across your organisation, on your websites, social media and for any face to face activity.

Do it! Have the Chat

If you die in a way which allows you to become an organ donor, your family would always be involved in the process. They need to answer questions about your health and lifestyle and that you lived in Wales.

Most families take comfort in honouring their loved one’s decision whether that’s to be or donor or not… if they know what they want.

Make it easier for your family. Talk to them about your organ donation decision now. Watch our film for some tips (external link).

1st December 2015The time when Wales has changed the way you become an organ donor.

days until the way you become an organ donor will change in Wales.

1st December 2015

Register your organ donation decision

The information that you provide is sent securely and directly to NHS Blood and Transplant. You can see their data protection statement on the NHSBT website